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by TrumpShop.Net on Sep 23, 2018

For a President whose Supreme Court pick was in serious jeopardy last week, Donald Trump seemed, at least initially, almost blasé. As he left the White House, on Wednesday, to survey the hurricane damage in North Carolina, he said that it was “very unfair” that Brett Kavanaugh, his “outstanding” nominee, had to contend with Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation that he had sexually assaulted her when both were in high school. Ford has said that the attack derailed her, socially and academically, for years; Kavanaugh has denied that he was involved in any such incident. “Very hard for me to imagine that anything happened,” Trump noted, as though he, like too many other men who hear a woman’s story, including stories about Trump himself, could barely be bothered to sort out the details. That was a task for someone else, though not, as Ford’s advocates hoped, for the F.B.I. “Let the senators do it. They’re doing a very good job,” Trump said, with a shrug. He added, referring to the possibility that Ford would appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, “Look, if she shows up, and makes a credible showing, that will be very interesting, and we’ll have to make a decision.” By “we,” Trump meant “I,” and his comment pointed to one aspect of the ugly shambles of the Kavanaugh nomination which is beyond dispute. In a few years’—if not a few weeks’—time, there will be another set of confirmation hearings. There always is, and each is shaped by the previous one, as the parties refight the latest war on a new plain of legal writings and personal backgrounds. Such contentiou

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