Do you support President Donald J. Trump? Perfect, so do we. However, we are in no way associated with Donald J Trump and his original merchandise available on shop.donaldjtrump.com. We started this store because we believe in the "Make America Great Again" ideology. We also believe that in order to "Keep America Great," we need to get the message out as widely as possible. 

Many people can't afford the price for "official" hats but still want to show people what they stand for and would like to join the movement. That's what this offer is for! Just like many of your clothes, TV, computer, toothbrush and probably a lot more, these discounted items are typically manufactured outside of the US. If at all possible, we manufacture it inside the USA. 

If you have the money for the original merchandise, please go buy at the original trump shop at shop.donaldjtrump.com.