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by TrumpShop.Net on Oct 02, 2018

North Korea’s authoritarian leader may have found the key to President Trump’s heart: a flowery letter full of flattery. In May, when Trump threatened to cancel his upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un because of the “open hostility” being expressed by the North Korean leader, Kim got out his stationery. Trump liked what he read, and the summit was back on for June 12. “That letter was a very nice letter,” Trump told reporters on June 1. “Oh, would you like to see what was in that letter? Would you like it?” he teased. Trump then received a letter from Kim on Aug. 1 that prompted the president to reply publicly on Twitter. “Thank you for your nice letter — l look forward to seeing you soon!” Trump wrote. Love again was in the air, or at least nestled in Trump’s coat pocket, last week at the United Nations. Trump carried the latest missive from Kim with him to meetings with world leaders, at one point pulling it, still folded, from his suit jacket and fingering it as he spoke to reporters while seated next to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. “We have a very good relationship. He likes me. I like him. We get along,” Trump told reporters at the end of his trip to the United Nations, calling the latest correspondence “a beautiful piece of art.” The White House has kept the exact contents of the letters a secret, but people briefed on them said they did not contain substantive new policy proposals or other breakthroughs. Nonetheless, they have had their desired effect: charming Trump. “We are doing great,” Trump told supporters at a rally in Wheeling, W.Va., on Saturday night, rhapsodizing about his relationship with Kim. “I was really being tough, and so was he, and we’d go back and forth. And then we fell in love. Okay? No, really. He wrote me beautiful letters, and they’re great letters. We fell in love.” [Trump says he has a special bond with North Korea’s Kim] North Korean rhetoric tends to be over the top in both praise and disdain — last year the regime called Trump a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard” — and formal written communication can be particularly hyperbolic, veterans of past negotiations and other North Korea wat

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