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by TrumpShop.Net on Oct 08, 2018

A forest fire on the Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming. Climate change will make such fires more frequent. Photo Credit: Getty The Trump administration’s antipathy to tackling climate change is well known – the President has called climate change a hoax invented by China and pledged to take the U.S. out of the Paris climate change agreement, while a recent U.S. government report suggests that global temperatures will rise by 4°C (7°F) – and that there is nothing we can do about it, so we might as well carry on pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The report, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aimed to justify Trump’s plan to freeze fuel efficiency standards after 2020. The document accepted that such large temperature rises would cause extreme heatwaves, more floods and droughts and increasingly acidic oceans that would dissolve coral reefs decimating natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef and leave many cities around the world underwater thanks to rising sea levels, according to the Washington Post, which broke the story. But the NHTSA adds that to avoid these issues “would require substantial increases in technology innovation and adoption compared to today’s levels and would require the economy and the vehicle fleet to move away from the use of fossil fuels, which is not currently technologically feasible or economically feasible.” It’s hard to know where to start in addressing such idiocy, which flies in the face of the ample evidence of the development of renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles that are becoming ever-more competitive with their fossil fuel equivalents. A new report by people who know what they’re talking about, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), explains just how stupid the Trump administration’s approach to climate change is, and the impacts that failing to tackle global warming will have on businesses – and investors – around the world. The IPCC’s latest publication, the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, starts from a completely different premise than the NHTSA report – namely that the world is already working towards limiting temperature rises to 2°C under the Paris Agreement but that we’re not doing enough. We are already seeing the consequences of 1°C of global warming thr

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